Holy Week Resources for Sunday Church School Teachers

Holy Week is a wonderful, special week for Orthodox Christians. It is also filled with long services that can be challenging to anyone, but especially to young children. This post offers suggestions for Holy Week that can be helpful for children of different ages. There are many ideas here, ranging from activities to do together as a Sunday Church School class to ways to help your students understand the services to crafty things you can do together to prepare for/learn about the week.

May these ideas help us to better love our Lord and each other throughout Holy Week. May we live this week together as a Church family, in awe of His compassion and mercy, and in gratitude for His great gift to us. May all that we do during Holy Week prepare us to celebrate His holy resurrection!

Blessed Holy Week!

The following ideas and resources can help you as you teach your Sunday Church School students about what lies ahead in Holy Week:

Play this board game together to review what happens during Great Lent and Holy Week. http://www.annunciationakron.org/phyllisonest/pdf/Great%20Lent%20Board%20Game%202011%202-19.pdf

Here are craft ideas for Holy Week, including everything from Palm Sunday, to the Cross, and the Resurrection: http://www.craftymorning.com/sunday-school-easter-crafts-for-kids-to-make/

Consider having each student create their own kouvouklion as you discuss the Lamentations service on Holy Friday. Translate this page if you don’t speak Greek, but even just the pictures give you a great idea of how this one was made: http://fountoukakia.blogspot.com/2014/04/blog-post_10.html

Share this Daily Guide to Holy Week with your students’ families. They can read and study the guide before each service that they attend: http://lent.goarch.org/bulletins/documents/8.5x11_JourneyToPascha_1.0.pdf

Here’s a free printable “passport” with a colorable icon for each day of Holy Week: http://www.themccallums.org/michelle/2015/04/02/holy-week-passport/

Find suggested highlights for you and your students to look for in each Holy Week service, here: http://orthodoxeducation.blogspot.com/2010/03/holy-week-for-kids.html?m=1

Find brief descriptions of each service of Holy Week here: http://www.antiochian.org/1175027131, and find background information, customs, and scripture references for each of the services of Holy Week here: http://www.goarch.org/ourfaith/ourfaith8432

Share this book list for Holy Week with your students’ families:: http://www.theorthodoxmama.com/the-lenten-journey-best-childrens-books-for-lent-and-holy-week/

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