The Creed: Who Spake by the Prophets

The Holy Spirit spoke through the prophets of the Old Testament as they reflected upon the condition of God’s people to whom they spoke. The prophets, the disciples, and we, as well, develop wisdom by the grace of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom is more than knowledge or intelligence. It is developed by reflecting upon what we have learned and upon life itself.

“In the Old Testament it was the Holy Spirit who inspired the prophets to speak about God… This same Spirit who spoke through the prophets of old speaks to us today through the Holy Bible and the Church to guide us to know the will of God for our lives… The Holy Spirit ‘who spoke through the prophets’ comes to dwell in us today to make us also prophets. The true meaning of ‘prophet’ is one who speaks in behalf of God.”  (Coniaris, “The Nicene Creed for Young People,” p. 66-67)

“Prayer, fasting, vigils, and all other Christian acts, however good they may be in themselves, certainly do not constitute the aim of our Christian life: they are but the indispensable means of attaining that aim. For the true aim of the Christian life is the acquisition of the Holy Spirit of God.” – St. Seraphim of Sarov

Try this: Talk together about the Holy Spirit and the times in which He appears in the Holy Scriptures. A few Old Testament examples include the Genesis 18:1-15 account of the Trinity’s visit to Abraham; Isaiah 61:1 and Ezekiel 11:5, where He spoke to two of the prophets; and Genesis 41:38, Numbers 27:18, and Daniel 4:8, 5:11-14, and 6:3, where He was “in” Joseph, Joshua, and Daniel. New Testament examples include His appearance at the Annunciation, at the Baptism of Christ, at the Transfiguration, and of course, at Pentecost. Of course there are many, many more examples in both Testaments.

  1. Over the next few months, as you read the Scriptures together, keep a list of His appearances, adding to the list as you find more.
  2. Or divide into two teams and search the scriptures to find as many other references to the Holy Spirit as possible, seeing who collects the most!
  3. Or print this card-matching game (whose purpose is matching icons/symbols related to the Holy Spirit to phrases about Him), prepare the cards, and then play a game with them:

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