Ideas for Classroom Decorations, Part 1: General Classroom Decor Information

Prepare your Sunday Church School classroom by dressing its walls with bulletin boards and/or displays. These can act as teaching aids to help your students focus on what they are learning in class. The displays can be very simple or ornate: it depends on your time and abilities, as well as your students’ needs. This mini-series will offer ideas of ways to decorate your classroom with decor which is useful, yet will also enhance the learning environment.

This first blog post in the series will focus broadly, on general displays for the classroom. In forthcoming posts, look for ideas for scripture-related displays and saint-related ones. Most of the display ideas featured will be bulletin board displays. Consider reducing the ideas to poster-sized (if you have a small or mobile SCS space) or enlarging them to cover an entire wall, if you have that much space!

1. Find or make a display area. Here are ideas of ways to make a display area:

  1. Begin to build the display with a background covering. Here are ideas of basic coverings for that display area:
  1. Unless you are super neat and can make perfect edges around your display area, finish off the edges of the display with other edging. Here are ideas of edgings for your display area:
  1. Add words to the display. Here are lettering ideas for your display:

Here are ideas for basic displays that can be included in a Sunday Church School classroom:

As you can see, it is up to you what you do to decorate your Sunday Church School classroom. Even the smallest of meeting areas can contain regular decor to personalize your space and enhance the environment while helping the class learn. May this series inspire your creativity and enable you to find ways to make your classroom more beautiful and a better learning environment!

The following links offer more ideas for classroom displays:


Find a variety of DIY bulletin board making ideas here:


Make a fabric-covered bulletin board as demonstrated here:


Although these ideas are geared to a general classroom, some of them could be tweaked for a Sunday Church School classroom as well:


See a gallery of photos of Christian-themed bulletin boards that feature using a variety of spaces, bulletin board covers, and edging ideas here:


Find ideas for Sunday Church School bulletin boards, including many that the children can help to create, here:


Find general ideas for bulletin boards in this blog:


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