Ideas for Year-End Review

Review is important to help our Sunday Church School (SCS) students reflect on what we have studied, realize how much they’ve learned, and cement those learnings in their mind. At the end of each lesson, we review what we have just learned in that lesson. In the same way, it is important that we review the whole year at the end of a Church School year. This blog will feature suggested ideas of ways to review with your class. These ideas can be used for any individual lesson or cumulatively at the end of the year.

  • Find a very thorough list of strategies for reviewing concepts on this printable pdf: Strategies are divided into “written” and “non-written” categories. This pdf can be printed and kept in your teacher notebook, for easy reference as you plan every lesson.
  • Review using the  “Quiz, Quiz, Trade” method, where everyone receives a review question on a card (you can create these question cards, or have each student carefully write their own). Students find a partner, and take turns asking/answering each other’s questions. They then trade cards, find a new partner, and repeat. After what seems an appropriate amount of time, collect all the cards and quiz the whole group together. The students should know almost all of the answers at that point! See for more information.
  • Write key words/names/concepts, graffiti-style (in a variety of colors, if possible), all over your chalkboard/whiteboard in your classroom. Students take turns selecting one of the terms, explaining it or telling what they know about it, and then erasing that word off the board. See for details on how one teacher used this activity.
  • Hand out a pile of index cards. Have the students write their own review questions, one per card, on the lined side of the index cards. They will write the answer on the blank side of the card. (This may take a at least one SCS period, depending on the age of your SCS students.) When you have a good number of cards, mix them well and place them, question (lined) side up on a pile. Use the questions for a review game. (Review Game Idea #1: Divide the class into two teams; each team takes turns pulling a card, reading the question aloud, and answering it. They can check their answer on the back of the card to see if they get a point for a correct answer or not. Review Game Idea #2: Class vs. teacher(s) if your class is not large. This version is played in the same way as idea #1, except that one team is the entire class and the other team is the teacher(s).)
  • Review game for younger children: turn your entire Sunday Church School classroom into a gameboard as suggested here: Write questions that review the concepts you have learned in class, and use those questions for the game.
  • Review game for older children: create a “Bazinga” card-and-card-pocket board and then play the review game as described here: (Note: the blog comments after the game directions on this page are full of other review game ideas, as well!)


Here are more fun review ideas for the Sunday Church School classroom:


Use an online generator to create your own printables to help your Sunday Church School students review the concepts you have studied. For example, create your own crossword here:; a word search here:; a word scramble here:; and a missing letters printable here: Or, if you’d rather, create your own BINGO review game (with up to 50 randomly-generated playing boards) here:

(*Note: the above generator is free and the printable you create can be printed with a watermark. If you wish to create and SAVE the printable and/or print without a watermark, however, you will need to become a Super Teacher member. There are other printable generators, as well.)


Use review questions on 3×5 cards to play “Concentration” as outlined in this review lesson:


Larger Sunday Church School classes could participate in these year-end-review games:


Find links to five more fun ideas of classroom review games, such as “Will the Winners Lose?” on this page:


There are 10 review game ideas (ever play “Pass the Chicken?”) here:


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