Keeping in Touch With Sunday Church School Students

It is nearly the end of the school year, and many parishes take the summer off from Sunday Church School. Whether we are continuing to teach our Sunday Church School students throughout the summer or we have a summer break, it is important that we stay in touch with our students. God has entrusted them into our care for this season of their lives, we’ve had time with them in our classes (and hopefully positive interchanges with them, outside of class, as well), and they now know and trust us. Whether or not they’ll still be in our Sunday Church School class in the fall, it falls to us to keep building relationships with our students and encouraging them in any way that we can!

Here are a few ideas of ways to work at relationship building with our Sunday Church School students:

1. Continue to pray for them. Lift them to God daily, and ask the Theotokos and the saints to pray for them as well.

2. Seek them out after church. When you are able, touch base with the students at church, asking them about their week, what they’re learning, etc. A little attention and compassion goes a long way in letting someone know that they’re important to you.

3. Use electronic resources to keep in touch. For example, send out an occasional email. Or text the children if they have phones. Check out the free teacher/parent/student texting services offered at

4. Remember the students with summer birthdays (or namedays), and send them a card or give them a call on their special day.

5. Consider doing some sort of church service project (weed the flowerbeds or clean the church or bake something special for coffee hour) together, for an excuse to be together again.

6. Invite the children and their families to a picnic, pool party, miniature golf outing, or hike together.

7. Take advantage of every opportunity to remind the students of things you studied together in class this year: Bible or saint stories you studied, Bible verses you learned, information about The Church, etc. Whenever you see an opportunity in your conversations to make a connection, do it! That will help to cement those concepts into their minds.

Regardless of the means we use to stay in touch, it is important that our students know that they are cared for by their Sunday Church School teachers. Let us do what we can to help these young members of our parish know that they are loved. Let us also continue to find ways to help them learn more about Our Lord and His Church.

2 thoughts on “Keeping in Touch With Sunday Church School Students

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